About Us

A new lighting company joins a group of products the world already trusts!

The world now has a single source for a wide variety of popular lighting products. With world class quality control in our operations and our manufacturing partners we can offer better bulbs, easier ceiling fans, more stylish lighting fixtures and numerous new products.

We are building on the powerful innovation the Fanco, Archer and soon Whitfield brands are known for.

Our quality assurance department makes sure every item is worthy of our brand name. Plus you can always count on superior customer service and sales support to make your life FASTER.


Energy Star Energy Efficient Lighting Commitment to Saving Energy

We are helping to change a lot more than a light bulb. As one of the major forces in the lighting industry, Whitfield Lighting is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® manufacturing partner.

We meet ENERGY STAR® requirements in three product categories, ceiling fans, lighting fixtures and light bulbs. This is important because the more companies and people who embrace ENERGY STAR® guidelines and products, the less dependant we all will be on fossil fuels.

Whitfield Lighting is so dedicated to supporting ENERGY STAR® Programs that we have a dedicated energy group. This task force addresses the needs of both the consumer and commercial markets by providing energy efficient products that are functional and stylish enough for today’s homes.

Our comprehensive re-lamping program is just one example of practicing what we advocate. By helping our retail partners change their store lighting to more efficient compact fluorescent lamps, we not only help get the ENERGY STAR® message out to more consumers, we also help retailers significantly reduce their electric bills.

Whitfield Lighting is committed to leading the industry
toward the brightest future possible.